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RetailAI® Protect


RetailAI®️ Protect 

RetailAI® Protect provides state-of-the-art AI for loss prevention at self-checkout and staffed lanes. Leveraging award-winning product recognition technologies, the system accurately identifies and stops common scan errors as they happen – including mis-scans and ticket-switching – while helping to protect customer privacy. The system offers industry-leading accuracy while being massively scalable for effectively unlimited SKUs and stores.

Self check-out systems are becoming the norm.

SCO terminals are rapidly replacing staffed lanes – but shrinkage is significantly higher at SCOs than at staffed lanes. 

Reducing SCO shrinkage is a business imperative.

Shrinkage cost retailers $40 billion in 2018, and and losses are trending higher each year. 

Effective solutions must prevent multiple forms of SCO shrinkage.

Two of the most common forms of scan fraud are mis-scanning and ticket-switching.

RetailAI® Protect
How It Works


Step 1

A customer might substitute their product's barcode with a less expensive barcode (ticket-switch) or avoid scanning the barcode altogether (mis-scan).


Step 2

A high-definition camera positioned over the SCO station processes video of the transaction using a server running RetailAI® Protect.   


Step 3

RetailAI® Protect identifies the issue in near real time, pauses the transaction, and flags it for the attention of the store staff. 


Step 4

Alerted by RetailAI® Protect, the store staff greets the customer and provides assistance with on-screen guidance of what item was not scanned.

RetailAI® Protect


Store-team User Experience

An Efficient Interface 

● Immediately flags suspicious behavior and sends alert to associates
● Helps the store team members monitor and assist
● Customer privacy information is automatically protected

Corporate-team User Experience 

Back-end Secure Web Portal 

● Intuitive, easy-access case review with smart playbar 
● Instant replay on all transactions 
● Updated statistics and reports for performance monitoring 

Why RetailAI® Protect?

ROI: Reduce Scan Fraud Shrink by 80% or More

As per experience in actual deployments, results suggest that RetailAI® Protect can reduce shrink caused by mis-scans and ticket-switching by 80%+. The business case can be easily proven during POC.

Massive Scale: Recognition for 1 Million+ SKUs

The model of RetailAI® Protect is capable of recognizing up to 1 million+ products, in real-time, during video analysis to detect and stop ticket-switching and mis-scans activity with high performance.

Smarter: Deploy to all Stores with Self-learning

RetailAI® Protect self-learns through Malong's novel weakly supervised learning. New SKUs are automatically learned during regular SCO usage without a separate training phase, even as packaging changes over time.

What the Experts Say

“Self-checkout (SCO) is seeing increased adoption around the world. With SCO retailers can provide a better customer experience while improving business efficiency, but they often experience significantly higher shrink compared to staffed lanes. Legacy technologies like weight sensors and traditional computer vision solutions are inadequate due to high false positive rates and an inability to effectively detect sophisticated scan fraud such as ‘ticket switching.’ RetailAI® Protect is a breakthrough solution that uses cutting-edge, self-learning product recognition technology to deliver industry-leading accuracy at scale. RetailAI® Protect offers a dramatic ROI for retailers for a problem they face every day.” 

Chris Donnelly
Senior Managing Director, Accenture Retail