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▲ On the eve of our first press conference, the team is working hard preparing in our not-yet-furnished office.

▲ On the eve of our first press conference, the team is working hard preparing in our not-yet-furnished office.


Dr. Huang DingLong

Dinglong Huang obtained his doctorate degree from Tsinghua University, worked at Google, Microsoft, Tencent, and most recently, the Vice President of Products at TripAdvisor China. He met co-founder, Matt Scott, at Microsoft where at the time, they worked together on the Microsoft Research "Engkoo" project. Engkoo generated the most traffic of any Microsoft web search product in China in the early 2010's. Dinglong also led the "Bing Export Ads" project, which contributes more than one billion CNY every year to Microsoft. At Tencent, Dinglong led several products such as "Micro-Space" and "Stream Ad," generating hundreds of millions of dollars each year. After joining TripAdvisor, he led the product and marketing team as they launched their new application for mobile, which ranked in the top 10 of the AppStore travel category. Dinglong is an adjunct master instructor of the Computer Science Department in Tsinghua University and a life mentor of the Industrial Engineering Department. In 2017, Dinglong won a Provincial Award for his contribution to the AI industry in China.

Matt Scott

Matt Scott has 15+ years R&D experience in computer vision and machine learning. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, has published 50+ patents, and a dozen research papers in scientific conferences and journals, including cover featured articles in the Proceedings of the IEEE and IEEE Computer. Matt worked at Microsoft for 10 years where he was a senior research development lead of Microsoft Research Asia, creating award-winning computer vision, machine learning and natural language projects which shipped in over a dozen new products / features of Windows, Office and Bing. At Malong Technologies, Matt oversees the company's R&D efforts developing state-of-the-art computer vision technology and products. In 2017, Matt won the national “Top 20 International Entrepreneurs” award in China. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Discovery Channel, among other outlets.


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